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Lygia Pape 2

Of the same artistic generation and aesthetic affiliation as Lygia Clark and Hélio Oiticica, Lygia Pape belonged, like them, to the Grupo Frente (1953), the nucleus of Concretism in Rio de Janeiro. Throughout the 1950s, together with the other artists in this group, her poetic differences with the concretists of São Paulo matured, until they led to the Neo-concrete dissidence, formalised in a manifesto and an exhibition in 1959. With Clark and Oiticica, Pape was at the epicentre of the most inventive vanguard ever to emerge in Brazil. She is therefore one of the most important Brazilian artists of all time. The resonance of her work cannot therefore be gauged without referring her experimental restlessness to this founding moment in contemporary Brazilian art.

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Lygia Pape



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