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Rafael Silveira

He was born and lives in Curitiba, Paraná. He was educated in the world of graphic arts and from this universe maintains a permanent research of imaginaries that can offer elements for his symbolic constructions. Using oil painting, an omnipresent technique in his work, Silveira strings together narratives that mix themes that are sometimes disparate, such as botany, tattoos, advertising clichés from the 1950s or 19th-century fashion catalogues. His canvases-objects with sculpted frames exemplify the simultaneously surreal and pop atmosphere that surrounds his work.

2018 - Urban Connections, Sesi São José do Rio Preto, Sp

2018 - Choque Coletivo - Choque Itaim, Sp

2018 'Circonjectures' individual exhibition at Fiesp_SESI SP, São Paulo

2017 'Circonjectures' solo exhibition at Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Curitiba

2015 'Circus Naturae' individual gallery Choque Cultural

2015 Atomica Gallery + ATP festival 'Minds Eye FunFair' London

2014 "Unforeseeable" solo show, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NY 2013 "Picturesque Invisible" (solo), Galeria Choque Cultural, São Paulo, Brazil 2012 "The Blab! Show 2012", Copro Gallery, California, USA "Dimensional Portals Visible with the naked eye", Galeria Choque Cultural, São Paulo, Brazil 2011 "Curious Symphonia Para Orquestras de Cores e Formas", Galeria Choque Cultural, São Paulo, Brazil

2011- "Curious Symphonia for Orchestras of Colours and Forms" - Choque Cultural Gallery (São Paulo)

2008- "Candy Eating Contest" Arold Golen Gallery (Miami, Florida, U.S.A)

  1. SPARTE - São Paulo International Art Fair (São Paulo)
  2. Tiny Trifecta - The Cotton Candy Machine Gallery (New York - USA)
  3. SPARTE - São Paulo International Art Fair (São Paulo)
  4. Collective painting exhibition - Choque Cultural Gallery (São Paulo)

Por: Choque Cultural

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Rafael Silveira

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