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Yedda Affini Dos Santos

Yedda Affini (Rio de Janeiro, 2002). Multidisciplinary artist who works with photography and performance, has influence from other expressions such as dance and singing. She took photography courses at Ateliê da Imagem with Guito Motero and Demian Jacob (2016 to 2018), The Power of Herbs with Mae Celina de Xangô (2019) and African Philosophy and love: from bell hooks to Kemet with Katiúscia Ribeiro and Vinicius da Silva (2020). She is currently a student at EAV Parque Laje. Researches African ancestry and the Afro-diasporic wisdom left as an inheritance. Nature, rituals of care and elements of black culture are important in her creations. Besides working with the body, the city and its forms also appear with the desire to escape, seeking calm in the midst of urban chaos.

Por: Nacional Trovoa

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Yedda Affini dos Santos

R$ 2.000,00


Yedda Affini dos Santos

R$ 2.000,00


Artsoul Comunicação Digital LTDA | CNPJ: 29.752.781/0001-52

Escritório: Rua Quatá, 845 - Sala 2, Vila Olímpia, São Paulo, SP, 04546-044

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