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Gaby Indio da Costa Contemporary Art Gaby Indio da Costa Contemporary Art

Gaby Indio da Costa Contemporary Art

Gaby Indio da Costa has been active in the art market since 2009 and since then has closely followed the production of various artists. She has held several exhibitions, some in partnership with institutions and most curated by renowned critics and curators. In 2017 she created the gallery Gaby Indio da Costa Arte Contemporânea, whose main objective is to publicise the production of the artists she represents and their proposals, promote projects and exhibitions and maintain a constant dialogue with critics, curators and collectors, encouraging the formation of new collections and seeking to strengthen those that already exist. The gallery works with young and established artists, some with a consolidated career, all committed to experimentation and daring in the language that defines contemporary art. Proof of this are the constant invitations to be part of national and international exhibitions, and the growing interest of young collectors, as well as established public and private collections.

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Artworks from this gallery

Eu + Eu

Daniela Vignoli

R$ 9.000,00


Manoel Veiga

R$ 22.500,00

Distopia Idílica #1

Rosangela Dorazio

R$ 26.000,00

Lines and variations #6

Valéria Costa Pinto

R$ 10.000,00

Calendário 5

Ana Muglia

R$ 12.000,00


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