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Daisy Xavier

The poetic images present in Daisy Xavier's works discuss the body as a place of permeable zones. In the videos, photos, installations, paintings and drawings, water and the net are presented as recurring elements that create interchangeable fields, in constant mutation.

In 2006, at the Paço Imperial in Rio de Janeiro, she held an exhibition entitled PequenasGravidades, an overview of her career with more than 70 works. On the occasion of the solo exhibition at the Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro in 2011, the book Daisy Xavier: Last Blue, published by Editora Barléus, is launched at the Galeria Eduardo Fernandes standat SP-arte in 2012. In 2011, the gallery held the soloshow Para medir um mar,and the artist also participated in the group shows A Natureza Muda de Lugar in 2017, Plural in 2015, and Fluidez do Líquido ao Sólido in2014. 

Participates in the V Bienal do Mercosul in 2005 and in shows at Museu de Arte Moderna-RJ, Galeria Florência Loewenthal (Chile), Instituto Tomie Ohtake (SP), Galeria da Funarte (RJ), Galerias do IBEU (RJ), Parque Lage (RJ), Caixa Econônica (RJ), Sesc Pinheiros (SP), LOKAL 30 (Warsaw, Poland), Centro Cultural Telemar (RJ), Oi Futuro (RJ), Itaú Cultural (SP), CCBB-RJ, Centro Cultural Recoleta (Buenos Aires), MAM-Salvador, Museu Nacional de Belas Artes (RJ) and at the Centro Cultural CEMIG (MG).

Daisy Xavier has a PhD in Psychology and Psychoanalysis. She studied Art History with Paulo Sergio Duarte, sculpture with Nelson Felix and painting with Milton Machado and Daniel Senise. She presented her first solo show at the Centro Cultural Brasil-Colombia in Bogotá in 1992, and was nominated for the renowned Pipa Prize for contemporary art in 2010. 


Por: Galeria Eduardo Fernandes

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Spine / Amphibian Series

Daisy Xavier

R$ 24.000,00


Daisy Xavier

R$ 22.000,00

Symmetric Flower

Daisy Xavier

R$ 18.000,00

Red falling

Daisy Xavier

R$ 18.000,00


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