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Julia Benetton

JULIA BENETTON was born in Piracicaba (1992), graduated in graphic design and BA from FAAP/SP and Design Communication by the University of the Arts (UAL) in London/UK. Performed exhibitions at: Bauhaus School Piracicaba, SP - Brazil (2018); "King's Cross Illustrator's Christmas Fair Lon- dres", United Kingdom (2016) and Centre Du Graphisme d'Échirolles Échirolles - France (2015). He has travelled through several countries, with different cultures, from In- glaterra to the hidden islands of Vietnam.

In order to talk about the visual artist Julia Benetton it is it is necessary to go back a little to her early life.- researches, before the pandemic. Her researches- His researches at first glance revealed themselves as erotic erotic, sensual and rapid gestures. With expressionist agility with expressionist agility, she unveils an intimacy with with brushes and drawings. The colours chosen, namely: the reds, greens, pure colours, were very us- The colours chosen, namely reds, greens and pure colours, were much used by German Expressionist artists.- cially Egon Schiele, with a more aggressive aggressive and tragic style. Julia delved deeper into the latter artist, tones of red and orange, and the suffering allied suffering allied to sexuality. The Brazilian artist who came closest to this aesthetic was Flavio de Carvalho Carvalho, who, in unpublished works of engravings and- and drawings, portrayed the female body with strong and strong and striking features.

Julia's works with female nudes, with their strong strong lines and colours, suggest, paradoxically, that nudity nudity no longer matters so much, but what is inside the skin inside the skin, what covers the body. What the body supports.

Com a pandemia, Julia xou sua morada no litoral norte de São Paulo, lá pode re etir um pouco sobre sua estética, o modo como pintava e desenhava. Sua vida se tornou mais leve; o mar e a vegetação foram sua inspiração para viver o presente.

The truth is that the isolation imposed by the pandemic forced people to confront themselves. In the process, many people have rethought their routines and made abrupt changes of job, address or relationship- cation.

Its own cultural and artistic activity diversi cated. and new themes, unthinkable in the past, became her as a motive for her new works and paintings. and her paintings. Similarly to what happened to Jean-Baptiste Debret (1768-1824) who, during his his long stay in Brazil, was confronted with a totally different totally different, picturesque reality, left neoclassicism behind and was and was attracted by the colourful natural products and- of the natural products found in our country, painting oranges and bananas, pineapples, mangoes, and other exotic fruits, in a com- original position, in addition to the indigenous and paisa- gens.

Julia liberou sua imaginação nas pinturas de paisa- gens do Litoral Norte de São Paulo (São Sebastião), registrando seu cotidiano, como as ondas do mar, a exuberância da oresta, as plantas litorâneas, rios, riachos, imortaliza na pintura. Esses trabalhos estão em “Vagator Beach (2020); “Entrelaço das folhas” (2021); “Palma tranquila” (2020); “Calma Tormenta” (2022); “Guaimbê” (2019); “Saudação ao sol” (2021) e ‘Abacaxi” (2018), dentre outros.


Por: Casagaleria e Oficina de Arte Loly Demercian

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Julia Benetton

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